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We are committed to providing quality insurance options for HVAC contractors and technicians because insuring your business is protecting your business. Help protect your livelihood by purchasing an insurance policy today.

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Why You Need to Insure Your HVAC Business

As an HVAC professional, you are in high demand when a heater or air conditioner breaks down on uncomfortably cold or hot days. Although you are well versed in dealing with other people’s emergencies, you may have to deal with an emergency of your own if your work truck is involved in an accident or if the damage is caused to your client’s home during an installation. If your HVAC business is not protected with a quality insurance plan, you could be at fault when accidental bodily injuries or property damage occur.

  • The specifics of your HVAC contractor insurance plan will vary based on your business's unique needs. 

    Some factors that may impact your insurance needs include the number of employees, number of clients, where your business operates, and the types of buildings that you work on. 

    Four of the most common types of insurance for HVAC contractors are general liability, commercial vehicle insurance, inland marine insurance and workers’ compensation.

  • An HVAC contractor installing ductwork in a residential attic

    The cost of insurance for your HVAC contractor business will depend on several factors including your claim history, the size of your business, hiring procedures, the type of work that you do, the location of your job sites and the specific coverage required.             

    For example, if you have an independent HVAC contractor with only one vehicle, your monthly insurance bill will be a lot lower than someone that owns a large HVAC business with a fleet of 20 vehicles and dozens of employees. Remember that every business is different and has specific insurance needs.             

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  • "Commercial vehicle insurance", sometimes referred to as "commercial auto insurance" or "business auto insurance", is an insurance plan that is needed to protect any trucks, vans, or other vehicles used in the operation of your business. 

    Commercial vehicle insurance can help protect your business vehicles and employees from physical damage and liability claims in situations and usage that aren’t covered by personal auto insurance alone. 

    Commercial vehicle insurance insures many commercial vehicle types including heavy-duty pickup trucks and commercial vans. Your commercial vehicle insurance policy can be customized to fit you and your HVAC business’s specific needs. 

    Some types of coverages you might include in your policy are:

    • Medical payments: If someone in your business-owned vehicle is physically hurt in an accident, this policy may help cover medical costs. 
    • Collision damage: This type of coverage can help pay for repairs to your damaged truck, van or other work vehicle, regardless of who or what caused it. 
    • Uninsured motorists: This policy can help cover the cost of damage inflicted by drivers who don’t hold insurance. 
    • Physical damage: This coverage may help to protect against damage to your company vehicle that is caused by an event other than a collision.  For example, vandalism, fire, theft of your vehicle, or certain weather events. 

    Keep in mind, state regulations determine how much coverage you are required to have. Make sure your commercial auto insurance meets your state’s liability insurance requirements.

  • At the very least, every HVAC contractor should hold general liability insurance. Sometimes called “commercial general liability” or “liability insurance,” this policy is a part of the general insurance system of risk financing to protect your business from the liability risks imposed by lawsuits and similar claims. 

    General liability insurance could help pay for injuries sustained by others at job sites, property damage of others, or HVAC installation problems.

  • A collection of HVAC tools and supplies, including hex keys and pressure gauges

    “Inland marine insurance” is a policy that insures products, materials, and tools when transported over land or if temporarily stored by a third party.      

    For example, if your tools are damaged while being transported to your business on a train, with this policy, you may be refunded the amount you paid for them or have the materials replaced. Collisions and cargo theft are the two most frequent causes of inland marine losses 1     

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